1. What other principles and criteria should be considered when making investment decisions? reduction decisions?
2. How can we update or improve the standard data elements used for program or service assessment and budgetary analysis?
3. How can these principles and criteria be stated, organized and applied to support clear, transparent, consistent investment decisions?
Resource:  Planning Framework draft content: BudgetDevelopmentPrinciplesCriteriaDataElements


Principles, Criteria & Data Elements — 6 Comments

  1. Data Elements Comments and Suggestions:
    Align with institutional core theme indicators and strategic direction measures
    Develop specific data elements for academic transfer disciplines
    Include transfer rates for four-year schools
    Consider student success rates after transfer to four-year schools (relative to “native” students)
    Is there a way to capture or forecast demand in majors or major careers as a transfer data element?
    How does national data (trend, benchmark) apply or not apply to Lane programs and services?
    Include benchmark and comparisons with other schools when analyzing data elements
    Look at best practices from other schools
    Is there a way to measure efficient articulation?
    Student engagement measures should be included in both instruction and student affairs
    Can we measure institutional barriers to student success?
    Can we measure the impact of technological systems? Investment and return? Impact on students, staff…
    Consider adding administrative services data elements
    How do we measure institutional effectiveness?
    Only instructional programs have workload measures; this should be an element of all programs and services data

  2. Investment Criteria Comments and Suggestions:
    Look to mission, purpose, strategic plan
    Front-line (instruction, services, support) should be the priority for investments
    Consider eliminating rhetorical emphasis on MAXIMIZING revenue
    Prioritizing principles #3 and #4 are contradictory
    Focus on investments that are sustainable
    Investment should be connected to specific plans with implementation and assessment timelines and measurable outcomes

  3. Data Elements Comments and Suggestions:
    Consider extending the time horizon for trend data from five years to ten years
    Measure effectiveness of systems, policies and procedures (e.g. in enrollment services)
    Ensure we look externally to benchmarks and best practices when analyzing data
    Consider providing discussion questions along with standard data elements to facilitate dialogue in departments
    Include measures of student demographics and other core theme indicators
    Consider including grade averages

  4. Investment Comments and Suggestions:
    Align curriculum to student enrollment patterns and demand in addition to programmatic needs
    Focus more on student outcomes– what moves the greatest number of students forward
    Ensure we have established outcomes and timely assessment
    Invest in the “front lines” – faculty, counselors, advisors
    Support innovation and new ways of thinking about our work
    Consider adding principle of removing barriers

  5. Reduction Comments and Suggestions:
    Find ways to increase economies of scale
    Stop activities that aren’t measurably moving students forward
    Need will to act
    Use comparative data in decision making
    Be sure to fully communicate decisions, to include what they mean for individuals and work teams

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