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  1. Why is there a variance between credits and FTE over the years? Is this related to College Now? Changes in lecture/lab formats?

  2. We need more full-time advisors and counselors to meet high student demand. Wait times are an issue.

  3. We need to find the correct starting point for students to improve retention and success.

  4. We hear SO many stories about bad service, lack of availability for services, no one answering phones or emails…
    how can we plan with confidence for MORE students when it doesn’t appear that our student services department can handle the low numbers of students we have now? If someone I know plans to register, I make it a point to walk them through it myself, from start to finish, because I don’t trust that they will have a positive experience if they need to ask for help. This cannot be an incremental, voluntary transformation if it’s going to be effective. Our students have needs today that just aren’t being met, and current thinking is clearly not working.

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