How should we measure and assess the effectiveness of our financial planning at Lane?


Measure & Assess — 8 Comments

  1. Any resource allocations and investments should come with a commitment to demonstrate what was done, whether it achieved the desired outcome, and how the return is measured.

    • We are working to accomplish this through our re-envisioned annual department planning process, program review, and institutional effectiveness reports.

  2. We also need to be comfortable acknowledging things that aren’t hitting their mark and letting them go for other improvement ideas.

  3. Student success, student satisfaction. Enrollment & retention. Faculty and staff success & retention.

  4. If we can incorporate our shared values into the LRFP, including our core values, learning plan, equity lens, master plan…, then outcomes are tied to those ideas (if all is working properly), and we can stop making decisions about budget based on emotional reactions to the shifting landscape, which can be demoralizing, inconsistent, and pooler aligned with our long-term goals.

  5. It is going to take some time to shift our culture away from a reactionary, scarcity, stop-loss mentality. I think you are on the right track though.

  6. Multidimensional facets:
    -academic performance
    -employee satisfaction
    -employee turnover
    -enrollment growth
    -% students transferring
    -persistence and completion
    -systematic input and decisions

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