Monthly Archives: January 2020

Feedback on Web filtering needed

A faculty member brought a concern to Faculty Council in January after finding that some web sites are now blocked or filtered because of their content. This follows a recent update to the campus security software, FortiClient. In the past, this software has been described as one that may temporarily block sites based on their potential security threat to campus, but it appears that sites are now blocked based on their material, specifically whether they include nudity, pornography, or “other adult content.”
Our concern is that many web sites used for learning purposes could be blocked under these headings. We’d like to find out more about the impact of this practice.
If you try to visit a web site from a campus computer OR from any device while using the campus network and receive a message that it has been blocked, please record your experience on this anonymous web formWe also encourage staff to pass along reports they may hear from students (for instance, from library computer use). 
You can also reach out to your faculty council representative or chairs (at this e-mail address) if you have further concerns or questions about this matter.