Purging of the Wait Lists

Faculty Council is considering moving the college wide date for purging class wait lists from the first Monday of the term to the first Tuesday of the term.

The rationale for this is to allow for Tuesday/Thursday classes to meet before purging the wait lists.

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7 thoughts on “Purging of the Wait Lists

  1. Consuela Perez Jefferis

    Purging waitlist the first week of school, when students are still trying to register and understandably believe they may still have a chance to register because of waitlist , seems defeat the purpose/concept of a waitlist.
    If a class is full and/or faculty do not want students making requests to add …we can mark the class as Full, and not allow a waitlist for said course.

    Waitlists should be available to students who are currently active at Lane, and have active email accounts.
    Waitlists should have capacity limits (5 people deep?), available to students only who meet prereqs.,
    Waitlists tool should not allow a student to waitlist more than one or 2 sections of the same course (not sure what ours currently allows for).
    Waitlists should end or be purged only some time after the no-show drop deadline (after Friday of week 1)
    A waitlisted student should be contacted by waitlist tool and should be given 24 hours from time of email was sent, to register, at which point the class seat then gets offered to next student on wait list.
    Do we have a way for students to remove their self from waitlist?
    Do we have an FAQ about our waitlist process and policies?

  2. Christina Salter

    I share Consuela’s concerns and support her suggestions.
    I believe it is in the interest of the college, students and instructors to have a clear cut policy on waitlists.
    I would suggest that the lists be small in number so that it is realistic to think that if you are on the list you have a shot at getting in. In addition, small numbers would allow us to encourage students on the list to show up day one, so they would not need to play catch up if added, and deter others not on the list from showing up at all.
    I believe the waitlists need to stay active through the first week of the term, so as people drop or are withdrawn, the next person in line is offered that seat. The fact that the waitlist “disappears” the first day of class is confounding. The reason I have heard is that some faculty want to be selective about who gets into the openings that do occur. This does not seem fair to students who have been “in line” waiting, and goes against most other models of doing business. Students are quite upset when they discover, right at the moment that there may actually be room for them to add, that we are no longer honoring the list. I know there are sometimes where I might want to make room for a certain student or two in my class, and faculty can still do this above and beyond the waitlist.

  3. Paul Ruscher

    I also share Consuela’s concerns and ideas.

    Shouldn’t the wait list not be purged until add/drop is over for the full week to also account for classes that meet only once per week on W, Th, or F (or online)?

  4. Christine Andrews

    The problem with keeping the wait list active until after the no show drop period is that students who have not attended class for the last week are now automatically in. After the class has started I like some control over who adds the class. I would rather have a student add that has been coming to class than one who is on a bunch of wait list and is waiting to see which one pans out.

  5. Carol Watt

    My concern about leaving the wait list open through the first week is that students will already be missing one tenth of the term. Two problems arise (I can’t speak for online classes).

    First, instructors need somehow to catch these students up, which means time set aside–even harder to manage if classes have been enlarged.

    Also, you probably can confirm that students generally do not read written directions on their own, which leads to my second point. From decades of teaching, I can say that most students who miss the FIRST day do not understand the course requirements and consequently do poorly in the class. Having a computer select the students after the first class meeting adds students who don’t know our approaches and we don’t know their capabilities. Far better that instructors make their informed decisions if there is room in their class or if they are willing to go over the traditional cap.

    As for the expanded wait list, I’d like to see students not being on more than one or two lists. That way, those who are willing to accept a less desirable time or location will probably stay in the class if added.

    Another benefit of larger or unlimited wait lists (somehow with duplicated names winnowed) is that deans could then make more informed decisions about classes to close and to add.

    This brings me to a final related issue: the cancellation of classes two weeks before the term starts. Your thoughts?

    A middle ground is to limit wait lists to, say, ten, restrict multiple sign-ups, move the class cancellation closer to the beginning of the term, and put the wait list add-time no later than after the first day of class.

    The time limit for adding once a wait-listed student is emailed seems right.

    With more efficient processes, student enrollment could be increased and class enrollment numbers returned to their original caps.


  6. Hyla Rosenberg

    The timing and deadline of completion of the first assignment (per the No-Show Policy) complicates the timing of when the wait list is purged, especially for on-line classes and those classes which meet, for example, only on Monday. If a student does not show up for the once-a-week Monday class, (first Monday of the term) the rule now is that s/he needs to dropped from the class. I am not sure that there is any “magic” day which will work for all regarding the wait list, but extending this through Tuesday does grant more flexibility, than if the wait lists are purged on the first Monday of the term.

    In on-line classes, as for campus courses, the deadline for completion of the first assignment will vary by instructor. In the LLC division, the suggestion is that the instructor prints out a copy of the wait list, so that if s/he has space in a class, s/he can contact students as applies.

    A separate, but nevertheless, connected issue: The student perception that an instructor might let in “one or two students” above and beyond the existing enrollment cap is complicated by the fact that many sections across campus have already been increased by 4 students, and adding “one or two more additional students” may no longer be a practice by individual faculty members for a variety of reasons, including focus upon student success and retention. For those sections, the class has *already* been over enrolled by 4 students.

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