In the article, “Disrupting Ourselves: The Problem of Learning in Higher Education,” by Randall Bass, he argues that traditional formal curriculum is not where high-impact experiences take place. The educational system needs to shift for students to get the best

image.pnglearning outcome. Technology can play a key role in learning; E-portfolios allow students to organize their learning, and expand their focus from individual courses to broader educational spectrum.

Randall Bass’s ideology is the progression in education moving from traditional course’s, into learning that promotes high impact learning. This being more of a hands on learning, where education is integrated into real life experiences. He believes team-based learning would be beneficial, instead of trying to change faculty so they change their courses, this change focuses on changing course structures so that faculty will be supported in an expanded approach to teaching. This thought also focuses course work around the student, instead of the student having to track down all the necessary resources. Studies show that when students participate in internships, studying abroad, and seminars, they have a higher success rate than traditional course work; where students are loaded with information, then thrown into real life experiences instead of integrating course work with real life experiences.

After examining Bass’s writing and TedX talk, I understand his reason (Logos). His
perspective appears to be genuine based of his experiences and observations. Before maxresdefault.jpgreading his article, I had a similar theory based off of my personal experience’s with learning. So when reviewing his article, he provided studies, experiments, and his opinion, I have no objection to his stand point. I believe everything he wrote about was valid and raised some progressive idea’s I believe would be very beneficial in the educational system. I do believe everyone learns differently, and it’s proven that traditional course work is not beneficial for every student.Through out his article, he provided concise information, strategically placed charts and graphs, and had a logical argument.

In this article, Bass uses Ethos, Logos, visual elements and makes his ideology very clear.  I enjoyed his writing and speech, I believe he his very persuasive in his view points. I hope the educational system progresses in the manner he spoke, this would benefit students and broaden understanding of real life experiences, instead of just words on a page or homework they don’t think twice about. I thoroughly believe that Bass touches on all aspects in his writing the compels the reader to engage and truly understand his perspective and ideology.

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  1. Eileen Thompson says:

    When assessing an author’s rhetorical strategies, it is necessary to consider his intended audience from an objective perspective. Your opinion of his ideas does not meet the desired goal of analyzing what his text is doing to engage his audience. Your post would have demonstrated a deeper understanding of rhetorical analysis if you had offered specific evidence for what you claimed he had done to engage his audience.

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