Analyzing the Rhetorical Situation:TED Radio Episodes

The first speech I chose was “Are Our Devices Turning Us into a New Kind Of Human?” by

Study of 15,747 American users who check their smart phone multiple times per hour, conducted in 2015

Amber Case. I concluded her audience was also a broad spectrum of those who use participate in the use of digital networks. A secondary audience could possibly be other anthropologists. The intention of this speech is to explain how humans are becoming more and more reliant on technology, having a physical self, and a digital self. She appears very confident with her studies and observations, and conveys her message in a very straight forward manner. She developed her credibility by having a significant of research and observations. In Ted Talk “How Can Our Real Lives Be Ruined by Our Digital Ones?” by Jon Ronson, the intended audience was a multitude of people who use social media, and those who listen to Ted Talk. The purpose of his talk was to raise awareness on just how much of an impact social media has on our lives, not only on the screen, but in the real world, with real emotional consequences in hopes that we rethink how we interact on social media. He used examples of real life situations where twitter took control of a woman’s life, causing real life consequences and harassment. He describes commuters on the internet act in mobs, mostly for social approval. The medium is developed through a speech given to live audience. His speech was very straight forward and passionate. He developed credibility in his real life examples he presented. I chose to research Jon Ronson, who is a Welsh journalist, author, documentary filmmaker and radio presenter. He has published nine books and his work has appeared in British bab287aae757e49b1c99021c48d397db.jpgpublications such as The Guardian, City Life and Time Out. He has made several BBC Television documentary films and two documentary series for Channel 4. He has several bestselling books, including, Them: Adventures With ExtremistsThe Men Who Stare at Goatsthe Psychopath Test, and Lost At Sea. He is known for his informal investigations of controversial fringe politics and science. He has been described as a “gonzo journalist,” which the reporter writes in first person, including themselves as a part of the story. Sources:
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