Screen Time

  Upon listening to “Screen Time – Part I & II” by TED Radio Hour and watching several of the full length TED talks included I found it challenging to focus on just two of the twelve stories as they all fully captured my interest. Eventually I narrowed it down to “Rana El Kaliouby: Will Our Screen Soon Be Able To Read Our Emotions” and “Dimitri Christakis: When It Comes To Kids, Is All Screen Time Equal?” I picked Rana’s story because I am a highly emotional person and make a point to find emotional support among the people around me as well as offering it. The concept of having my technology and devices read my emotions is frightening, but at the same time I appreciate Rana’s attitude of, we probably can’t detach ourselves from our technology so how can we make it more human and empathetic? Dimitri’s story is interesting to me because I may have grown up in the last generation/set of circumstances (at least in this country) without a lot of TV, cell phones, touch screens, etc. I am extremely grateful for my childhood and the amount of time I spent in nature and with other people, and am curious how I may eventually raise a child in this ever changing technology driven world.
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