Ted Radio Hour’s Short Discussion

Throughout the listening process of the Ted Radio Hour’s “Screen Time, Part 1” and “Screen Time, Part 2”, I ran across two that had especially caught my attention. The first of the two, was one titled “How Are Our Screens Changing Us?”. While listening, Mark Zuckerberg had predicted the evolution of screens through virtual reality technology, which had caught my attention. Curious about where he was going with this idea, I asked myself where could he possibly be going with this idea. He soon resolved my curiosity by stressing the idea of how major computing platforms must evolve and over time there must new ideas to build upon, and to keep pushing the technological industry. As for the second “How Do Screens Distort Our Sense Of Time”, it took a completely different direction that explained, how mankind has developed a sense of blindness to the real world due to the evolution of technology throughout today’s society. We as humans all have a desire for things outside of us, it is just breaking past the technological barrier that prevents us from becoming our true selves. The reason I chose these talks, is due to how incredible it is to see how technology has incorporated itself into our lives, and how useful it has become, but to also disallow it from running our lives, despite it having endless possibilities.
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