Screen Time Part 1 & 2

Screen Time Part 1 Dimitri Christakis: When It Comes to Kids, Is All Screen Time Equal? Our brains are shaped by what we see and hear. The discussion was about what all this screen time and early exposure to the screen does to the brain in development. That all this screen time is affecting how they may interact with the world. I found this to be a battle I find myself in with my own son that is 11. It is a balance between making sure he is learning technology that is so important in the way we work today, but also making sure he is also able to be social and interact properly. But without knowing how all this screen time will affect this next generation are we allowing too much screen time. And the talk also asked are all screen times equal. I definitely feel that an hour of “Call of Duty” is not the same as watching a YouTube video on how to create a school project.   Screen Time Part 2 Jon Ronson: How Can Our Lives Be Ruined By Our Digital Ones? What happens when our digital self takes over our personal life. This discussion was about what happens when a person posts something on the internet that can be perceived as offensive. This talk was of great interest to me. I am constantly telling my adult children to be careful what they post online. Not only can it put your personal information into the hands of people you may not want to know so much detail about your life. But, future employers may look at what you have posted and this could affect your possible future employment in a negative way. By posting something that you feel is innocent or perhaps you meant it in a joking manner. If you have offended one person or someone that did not see it as a joke they can start spreading what you said in a negative light like wildfire across the internet. Something so small as a short blurb on Twitter or Facebook can be used to villainize you even if that was not your intent. Be careful what you post, it could follow you for the rest of your life.
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