2 thoughts on “Take the National Survey of Digital Humanities in Community Colleges

  1. J. Patrick McGrail

    Despite the fact that much is made above of the fact that no one seems to know just what the Digital Humanities are, there seems to be quite an ambitious agenda (see the survey above) for the implementation of them. Crowd-sourcing enduring humanities questions, using global positioning data temporally to adduce movement of artifacts, and the “suggested further reading” of many websites – could all this mean that it is currently politically untenable to dismiss humanities geeks as Luddites, some of whom have consciously embraced studying the humanities to get away from an excessive focus on technology? Digital humanities sure has an awful lot of advocates and elaboration for something nobody’s sure of the limns and contours of.

  2. Anne McGrail Post author

    Thanks for your response, JP. Many people share your position, but I don’t. Ever since I saw Alan Liu’s UCSB Transformations project in 2000, I realized that humanists must participate in and examine the present moment in its complexity, and not cling tightly to a receding past. For CC students especially, using humanities methods to critically examine and understand “the information” is particularly important.

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