Spotlight on Faculty: Interview with an Instructional Designer

Jenn Kepka is an instructional designer at Lane Community College. She is currently teaching “Course Design Introduction,” a learning experience for faculty that delves into research and OSCQR-aligned best practices for backwards design, online support, planning engaging activities, and aligning course goals. The next class begins during Week 3 and runs through Week 8; faculty…

Test Proctoring and Fall 2020

We’re looking at another term — and maybe more — of learning and assessment that happens predominantly through online means. This can make instructors nervous about maintaining academic integrity for their assignments and exam materia…

Zoom is the new classroom

If we like it or not, Zoom and other online web conferencing (Google Meet) is here to stay and the “easy” days of normal may never be “normal” again. How do you replicate what we did in the classroom in zoom? A: You can’t….

Year-End Report

This message was sent in email to all Lane employees on June 11, 2020: Hello All Lane Employees, Just as we did last year, we want to provide you with a year-end summary of our work to date toward the Guided Pathways strategic priority. Similar to last year, our design teams were actively making progress during Fall and Winter terms, and we hosted multiple college-wide events. Unlike last year, we experienced some unexpected interruptions for Spring term and are in the middle of significant changes to how we work! As we navigate these changes, our immediate focus has shifted to being ready to hit the virtual ground running again in the fall. Prior to the shift to remote work in March, our seven design teams had identified priorities and work plans for the coming academic terms. These priorities included smoothing the student experience between non-credit and credit areas of the Read More

Session 5: Content and Activities

June 5, 1pm-2pm Recording. Does your course offer access to a variety of engaging resources and activities that facilitate communication and collaboration, deliver content, and support learning and engagement? OSCQR: Content and Activities Category&#16…