Honors Undergraduate Research Fall 2020

Several students completed the honors sections of WR 227 Technical Writing. Here are their reflections on their research, written specifically to be shared on this blog. The reflections also include links to their formal analytical reports, where they present their findings as to whether PowerPoint or Prezi is the most appropriate presentation software for various … Continue reading “Honors Undergraduate Research Fall 2020”

CTL Grand Opening

Thank you to those of you who attended the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Grand Opening last Friday! For those who could not attend or would like to revisit some of the activities and information: Watch a video overview of the CTL Complete a scavenger hunt about the CTL website  Share your vision for a CTL (Note: don’t press “enter” until you…

Improving Spark Notes for Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

My question: how to get online students to read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and not just read an online summary of the novel. My solution: assume that students will encounter Spark Notes or some similar website in an era of “No Fear Literature.” Instead of trying to replace Spark Notes encounters, I extend those encounters by leading students […]

Black Women Poets Read

This fall in Oregon, we were trapped inside for 11 days while wildfires destroyed forests and towns all around us. It was a bleak time and I wanted to use the time in some positive way. So I researched poetry readings online to include in my Women Writers class. Each week, students watch a very […]

Spotlight on Faculty: Interview with an Instructional Designer

Jenn Kepka is an instructional designer at Lane Community College. She is currently teaching “Course Design Introduction,” a learning experience for faculty that delves into research and OSCQR-aligned best practices for backwards design, online support, planning engaging activities, and aligning course goals. The next class begins during Week 3 and runs through Week 8; faculty…

Test Proctoring and Fall 2020

We’re looking at another term — and maybe more — of learning and assessment that happens predominantly through online means. This can make instructors nervous about maintaining academic integrity for their assignments and exam materia…