Benefits for Instructors & Students

• Builds relationships and fosters collaboration between college instructors and high school teachers to promote best practices and to prepare students for long-term success.
• Offers opportunities for students to explore career interests and connect to programs at LCC. 
• Promotes more seamless educational pathways for students. 
• Familiarizes students with the rigors of college-level coursework and builds their skills and confidence for college success. 
• Reduces course redundancy for students, allowing for a more positive experience in their first year of college. 
• Grants students transcripted LCC credits that may be transferable to other colleges and universities. 
• Provides significant potential savings for students with regard to the cost of college. 
• Gives students access to LCC resources including library databases and online tutoring. 
• Helps high schools meet state requirements to provide students with opportunities to earn college credit while in high school. 

Special benefit for high school College Now faculty: 

Take a class tuition-free at LCC! 

All College Now instructors may take one course at LCC tuition-free each academic year that they  are teaching a College Now course. There is no limit on the number of credits. Many LCC courses are available to be taken online, making it easier for you to take advantage of this benefit. You will have to pay any fees for the course. Tuition waiver forms are available here: .

Register for the course online, then print, complete, scan, and email the form to your school’s liaison.
Please make sure to fill out the Part-time Tuition Waiver Form.

Questions?  Call the High School Connections office, (541) 463-5203 .