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Please share your questions, thoughts and ideas about the fiscal year 2021-2022 budget at Lane. You may post comments anonymously or enter your name and email address.

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  1. I would like to express my support for the Wellness Program (LIFE) at Lane, which is currently on the cut list. As a 30 year employee here on the main campus, I have definitely appreciated the commitment to our health & wellness by the college. Paramount to this success is the program led by Wendy Simmons. There’s a reason it’s called L.I.F.E – which stands for Lasting Improvements for Employees. Have you connected the results of this program to our low experience rates for insurance?
    Personally, I have participated in many classes & activities sponsored by the Wellness Program @ Lane.
    To name a few successes:
    – I lost 60+ pounds with the support of our oncampus Weight Watchers programs and various health seminars put on through the program.
    – I have, for many years, been a “Wellness Champion” in my dept. Connecting directly with colleagues provides a more welcome environment for many to
    maintain their wellness, as opposed to sharing the programs with students.
    – I can’t say enough about the Aging Parents Support Group; so many of us are moving into the role of caregiver, whether hands on or from a distance.
    It’s our contention that the entire workforce could benefit from the sharing in this group!
    – The availability of blood pressure checks and other health screenings also takes pressure off our Health Clinic.
    – I have also benefited from Wendy’s workplace assessments, saving costly health issues due to improper ergonomics. No carpel tunnel here!

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  2. I suggest that the college do an independent audit of administrative processes to identify the multiple inefficiencies that require hundreds of hours of classified staff time that could otherwise be used for direct student support. The college has fallen behind in implementing technological solutions to processes that other colleges and universities have been using for years. We try to do so much “in-house” without having the proper tools or expertise and this is causing us to waste hours of human resources.

    1. I agree with Anonymous’ post above. There are many small inefficiencies by administrative staff for services that do not necessarily seem to encompass student retention, but takes time away from helping a student. Example, emailing the Warehouse for copier paper and printer toners, when we have a software program for ordering these items as well as ordering print copies for instructors, which lessens the charge per piece of paper, and is an efficient way to check staff orders and inventory toners and paper which are free to Classified administrative staff. People say to me, “It’s the way we’ve always done it.” We need to move into the 21st century. Even though all of the above, added up it would free up time for both Faculty and Classified to do their part in providing student retention. We need to think of how much time it takes the next person (department) to complete tasks via the method “we used to use.”

      1. I need to add Administrative staff, VPs, Budget Director and staff on ET need to reach out to other community colleges in other states, to investigate innovations in procedures. We needn’t reinvent the wheel. There’s a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips if we take a few minutes to ask questions.

        I am a squeaky wheel, and you know who i am; if you feel these comments inappropriate, please email me. I have wanted to make these comments many years ago–15 year Classified Administrative Specialist–These comments are merely my opinion, and the situations in my department are facts. I am in fear of losing my job because I have spoken out.

        1. Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your perspective as an employee with a long history of service and institutional knowledge. Please feel free to contact me regarding process improvement recommendations. We are always looking to improve and better achieve our mission.


  3. As the college moves closer to final budget scenarios, I urge consideration of a limited “no pay increase” policy for all classes of employees in administration, management, faculty, and staff, unless their net hourly pay is “less than a community-level living wage” – in which case their pay is boosted to at least that standard. For student and other part-time classified employees, there should be similar consideration. We ought not be increasing our budget by $2 M per year through negotiated pay increases while our students are paying higher tuition, and the college continues in deficit. This should be calculated after the expiration of the early retirement incentive package, assuming that at least ⅔ of those retiring will generate bona fide new positions, else those employees who are left doing the work left behind will experience further erosion of employee morale. Also, the true cost for a new full-time faculty member hired is not $96 K including OPE ($11 M/11.5); it is more like ½ that since you’ll be reducing PT employment or replacing a higher paid faculty member with a lower paid new one.

  4. I need to add Administrative staff, VPs, Budget Director and staff on ET need to interface with other junior colleges in different states, to examine enhancements in methodologies. We needn’t rehash a for the most part handled issue. There’s an abundance of information speedily open in the event that we a few minutes to introduce demands.

  5. Et need to interface with different junior colleges in unique states, to have a look at enhancements in methodologies. We needn’t rehash a for the maximum component treated issue. There’s an abundance of records swiftly open within the event that we a couple of minutes to introduce demands.

  6. There ought to be comparable attention. We ought no longer be increasing our finances through $2 m in line with yr through negotiated pay will increase at the same time as our students are paying higher training, and the college continues in deficit.

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