7-11-2018 Blog Network Updates

WordPress v4.9.7

Authorizer v2.8.1
Bad Behavior v2.2.21
Force Login v5.2
List Category Posts v0.77.1
SiteOrigin PageBuilder v2.7.2
SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle v1.12.0
SSL Insecure Content Fixer v2.7.0
Weaver X Theme Support v4.0.3
Wordfence v7.1.8

Panoramic v1.0.55
Weaver XTreme v4.0.4

6-26-2018 Blog Network Updates

Akismet v4.0.8
List Category Posts v.0.77
Multisite Clone Duplicator v.1.5.2
Page Link To v2.11.1
SO CSS v1.2.3
WeaverX Theme Support v4.0.2
Widget Context v1.1.0
WP Latest Posts v4.4.1
XCloner Backup v4.0.8
XCloner Google Drive v1.0.3

Panoramic v1.0.51
SO North v1.4.9
Weaver X v4.0.2

Lots of updates this go around.  As always, if you have any issues, please let me know as soon as possible.

5-22-2018 Blog Network Updates

This was a big one!  

WordPress v4.9.6

Antispam Bee v2.8.0
Caldera Forms v1.6.3
Multisite Clone Duplicator v1.5.1
Nextgen Gallery v3.0.1
SiteOrigin Panels (PageBuilder) v2.6.7
Simple Page Ordering v2.3.2
SSL Insecure Content Fixer v2.6.0
TinyMCE Advanced v4.7.11

Panoramic v1.0.48
SiteOrigins North v1.4.7
TwentyTen v2.5
TwentyEleven v2.8
TwentyTwelve v2.5
TwentyThirteen v2.4
TwentyFourteen v2.2

4-23-2018 Blog Network Updates and New Plugin

Plugin Updates
Caldera Forms v1.6.1
SiteOrigin Page Builder v2.6.5
Simple Page Ordering v2.3.1
SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle v1.11.8
Wordfence v7.1.3
WP Accessibility v1.6.3
WP Latest Posts v4.4.0

Theme Updates
Panoramic v1.0.47
SiteOrigin North v1.4.6

I also added a SiteOrigin CSS plugin that lets you point and click to edit the style sheet in your theme.  Very simple to use.  More info here.

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