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A Few Minutes With … Lori Brenden

Portrait of Lori Brenden

Lori Brenden

Work-Life at Lane: Lori began working at Lane in June 1991 as a work-study student in the Financial Aid Office. She was hired as a full-time employee in 1993 as she continued her studies at the University of Oregon, where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in anthropology. As a UO student, she took a course in HTML coding and development and at the time, did not know just how much it would shape her future at Lane. Lori helped create a great deal of the content for Lane’s first website and continued working on the site as webmaster after a transfer to computer services/IT, providing support and ensuring our website stays relevant, accurate, and helpful for our students and community. She continued in that position for 22 years before the web team was moved to Marketing where she continues in the same role. 

Personal Look: Lori and her husband enjoy camping and fishing and a few years ago purchased a fifth-wheel travel trailer that has enabled them to safely enjoy the scenic outdoors during the pandemics. Her husband retired a few years ago and they’re both looking forward to Lori’s retirement at the end of 2022, so they can travel more and enjoy retirement together. 

Q: Tell us a bit about your role at Lane. What’s an average day like, is there an average day?
A: Because of where we are in the redesign of the website, there isn’t an average day. The part of the current website that will be included in the new website has been frozen and all updates come through me. So each day I take care of any updates as they come in. Then, I continue the work to review, reformat, and organize the pages that have been migrated into the new temporary site while learning how to do all that in the newer version of Drupal that the new site is in. 

Q: How has working remotely impacted your work and/or the way you do your work? 
A: I have been telecommuting quite a bit for years so other than not seeing anyone in person at all, nothing has changed.

Q: You’re currently working on our web redesign. What can we expect when that work is done? 
A: The biggest change most people will notice is that right from the front page, it will be immediately apparent that everything, from the design to the content to the organization of pages is designed with a focus on prospective students. You can follow along on our blog at We’ll be posting some previews there in the coming months.

Q: How has going remote changed any thoughts or practices on how we approach our web design and content?
A: It’s made it more clear that there have to be things in place for not going to campus to accomplish pretty much everything. Meeting with people, turning in forms, conducting business with the college — anything that was done with a paper form had to be rethought. We were already focused on mobile-first for our web content display to make sure it was easier for a lot of people to do what they needed to do from wherever. What we worked on for the first couple of weeks was migrating paper forms to web forms so that business could be done digitally and on getting information online as departments figured out doing a lot of things with zoom. 

Q: What do you think other LCC employees may not realize — or be surprised by  — about the role of our web team? 

A: We coordinate vacations and other time off, so that someone is available 24/7 to make changes to the site, if needed, including in the event of an emergency or a closure. And, not only do we maintain the current website, we maintain old versions in an archive site, so you can see how things have changed, including looking at the homepage from the earliest years we have in the archive.

Q: What are you most looking forward to when we can use the term: post-pandemic?

A: Seeing people in person. Many milestones have passed by without gathering to be together to celebrate, mourn, encourage, and just be together.