Monthly Archives: December 2012

Mary’s Party!

Al King mixes a mean martini!

Dec.7, 2012 Mary Spilde threw one heck of  a party for about a hundred Aspiring Leaders. Mary has a party house, and it’s a good thing because I think all hundred plus were there. Highlights were Al King as the lean mean martini machine. I saw Julie Fether and others helping Mary finesse things a bit, and I saw Mary manning the oven while managing to have a conversation with just about everybody.

I showed leadership by keeping it to two martinis! Oh, and I made this thank you video for Mary from all of us. If I had been a REAL photographer, I would have had a spare battery in my purse, but noooo, it didn’t happen that way, and I had to make due with the little scraps of media I managed to capture.

Thank you, Mary!