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Calling all Aspiring Leaders for 10/16/12 Meeting!

Donna Koechig 10/03/12 2:59 PM

Advanced Aspiring Leaders Committee:
First I would like to thank all of you who participated in the Aspiring Leaders video for Fall Inservice, especially how you responded on such short notice.  We had over 40 Aspiring Leaders in the video.  Thank you!  It was a great success and lots of fun to do!
Now that you have had time to settle into fall term a little and recovery from your stardom from the video, I would like to propose that we meet  from 3:30 – 4:30 pm, on Tuesday, Oct. 16th in Boardroom, Rm. 206, Bldg. #3  to decide what other wonderful things we would like to accomplish this year.  I know everyone will probably not be able to meet at that time, but at least we can get started and begin our planning.  We can also discuss when and how often we want to meet this term.
In addition we will need to revisit the attached list of  “Ideas and Priorities for Ongoing Development” for the Aspiring Leaders.  To refresh your memory, last spring we developed and priorities a list of possible ideas for us to do the upcoming year(s).  We categorized those ideas into:
1) Professional Development (Jim L. Roberta S.)
2) Social/Fun/Network (Al K. and Julie F.)
3) Internship/Mentoring (Siv)
4) Technology/Innovation (Sandy J./our “technical & social media advisor”, Toni, and Leilani)
5) Sharing of Resources, Books, etc. (need volunteer for this category), and
6) Miscellaneous Ideas (All).
Remember that some of you volunteered to be the “leads” in each of the areas.  Now we just need to decide on what specifically we want to do and how best to approach accomplishing those things ……and have lots of FUN doing it!   If you have thought of additional ideas, we can discuss those at our next meeting as well.
Hope to see you on the 16th and that your fall term is going well, Donna