Hello, again … and for the first time

“The connection economy thrives on abundance. Connections create more connections. Trust creates more trust. Ideas create more ideas.” ~ Seth Godin

It’s time for this blog to do its job of forging connections as it was intended. This is a space to share ideas and information for alumni and the current cohort.

Much has changed since the date of the last post in 2015. This is the first year of the program without its founder and the current cohort’s resiliency and adaptability skills are being honed. (You’re welcome!) Two alumni: Mike Sims (2015-16) and Kristina Holton (2013-14) stepped up, offering to help facilitate the retreat and they did an amazing job setting the tone for the rest of the program year.

The 2017-18 cohort is a lively bunch that includes:
Carla Arciniega-Henrici
Katheryn Blair
Amanda Blunt
Anna Gates-Tapia
Andi Graham
Scott Hutchings
LuAnne Johnson
Nikki Li
Richard Lubben
Mira Mason-Reader
Bliss Newton
Casey Reid
Cathy Thomas
Shara Tscheulin
James Walugembe
Brenda Williams
Meggie Wright
Carl Yeh

What’s the latest with alumni action?
Well, there’s a book club. Thanks to Jill Gillett (2016-17) for getting it a book club off the ground. The group meets Friday, November 17, 12:30 p.m., Building 19 Room 142 to discuss: “Originals: How non-conformists move the world” by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg. Email Jill if you’d like to attend the meeting via Zoom. Didn’t read the book? (It’s book club! Who reads the book?!?) Stop by and engage with alumni, anyway.

Following the alumni gathering in the spring, there seemed to be a consensus to do more alumni activities. Look here and the Lane Weekly for updates on how to get involved and give feedback.

Have news to share with Aspiring Leaders and Aspiring Leaders Alumni? Let me know! Contact me through the blog or at sillsm@lanecc.edu.

Thanks to Deborah Butler, Aspiring Leaders (2015-16) for bringing the blog back in the leadership spotlight. Updates to our webpage are coming soon.

Advanced Aspiring Leaders Committee Meeting Friday, March 22nd

Advanced Aspiring Leaders Committee:

The next Advanced Aspiring Leaders Committee Meeting is scheduled for this Friday, March 22nd from 10-11am in BUILDING 1, ROOM 212.

We will discuss what we want to do on our goal list during spring term and begin to plan for next year. Thanks again for being on this committee and all the good work that you did this year and continue to do every day to help students be successful.
Donna Koechig

Mary’s Party!

Al King mixes a mean martini!

Dec.7, 2012 Mary Spilde threw one heck of  a party for about a hundred Aspiring Leaders. Mary has a party house, and it’s a good thing because I think all hundred plus were there. Highlights were Al King as the lean mean martini machine. I saw Julie Fether and others helping Mary finesse things a bit, and I saw Mary manning the oven while managing to have a conversation with just about everybody.

I showed leadership by keeping it to two martinis! Oh, and I made this thank you video for Mary from all of us. If I had been a REAL photographer, I would have had a spare battery in my purse, but noooo, it didn’t happen that way, and I had to make due with the little scraps of media I managed to capture.

Thank you, Mary!



Calling all Aspiring Leaders for 10/16/12 Meeting!

Donna Koechig 10/03/12 2:59 PM

Advanced Aspiring Leaders Committee:
First I would like to thank all of you who participated in the Aspiring Leaders video for Fall Inservice, especially how you responded on such short notice.  We had over 40 Aspiring Leaders in the video.  Thank you!  It was a great success and lots of fun to do!
Now that you have had time to settle into fall term a little and recovery from your stardom from the video, I would like to propose that we meet  from 3:30 – 4:30 pm, on Tuesday, Oct. 16th in Boardroom, Rm. 206, Bldg. #3  to decide what other wonderful things we would like to accomplish this year.  I know everyone will probably not be able to meet at that time, but at least we can get started and begin our planning.  We can also discuss when and how often we want to meet this term.
In addition we will need to revisit the attached list of  “Ideas and Priorities for Ongoing Development” for the Aspiring Leaders.  To refresh your memory, last spring we developed and priorities a list of possible ideas for us to do the upcoming year(s).  We categorized those ideas into:
1) Professional Development (Jim L. Roberta S.)
2) Social/Fun/Network (Al K. and Julie F.)
3) Internship/Mentoring (Siv)
4) Technology/Innovation (Sandy J./our “technical & social media advisor”, Toni, and Leilani)
5) Sharing of Resources, Books, etc. (need volunteer for this category), and
6) Miscellaneous Ideas (All).
Remember that some of you volunteered to be the “leads” in each of the areas.  Now we just need to decide on what specifically we want to do and how best to approach accomplishing those things ……and have lots of FUN doing it!   If you have thought of additional ideas, we can discuss those at our next meeting as well.
Hope to see you on the 16th and that your fall term is going well, Donna